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  • Exfoliate your skin well, by either a deep cleansing facial or using a mild scrub at home if a facial is not possible.  (this will remove dead skin cells that will increase pigment loss.)

  • If you have Mitral Valve Prolapse, please consult your physician and follow the same protocol of antibiotics that you would prior to a dental visit.
  • 2 days prior reduce intake of blood thinning medication, vitamins, aspirin, herbal supplements. (check with your doctor prior to stopping any medication that is prescribed/recommended by your physician.)

  • If you have allergies, your eyes may water more than normal while having the eyeliner procedure.  Simply take precautions to reduce the fluids caused by an “Antihistamine Response” please follow your routine medication protocol.  (Benadryl, Zyrtec, Claritin,) or any other medication your doctor has prescribed to reduce congestion and watery eyes.  If you do not follow these directions, it will not in any way make it impossible for me to work, it will however decrease the amount of pigment that is implanted, and may cause us to have to perform more than one touch up.  I do include 1 touch up at no extra charge, this is a two step process.  If more touch ups are needed there will be an additional charge of $75.  Contact wearers may also tear more than normal during the eyeliner.

  • If you are having an eyeliner procedure, please do not wear contacts to the visit.  You will want to use eye glasses for a couple of days following as well.

  • If you are having a lip procedure done, and you have had cold sores (herpes virus) at any time;  please contact your doctor for a prescription of an antiviral medication (Zoverax, Valtrex) any medication the doctor would normally prescribe to you for the prevention of cold sores.  Start them 2 days prior and continue for 2 days post procedure unless your doctor suggests you follow another protocol.

  • If possible please come in with no makeup on the area we will be working on. (this will reduce any possible irritation from makeup removal.

The outcome of permanent make is directly affected by the canvas we have to work with, in our case (the skin). This is why preparation is so vital to the final result. It is necessary to perform the procedure twice (2) and in some cases another follow up visit may be required.  The skin will heal in approximately 30 days, and at that time I will re-implant pigment for the final process.   Please be realistic in your expectations and explain in detail what you are looking for.  If I feel that your expectations will not be attainable, I may recommend other alternatives to you.  I do my best to inform you of any preparations that you need to follow, and answer any questions you might have, but in the event you think of something else please feel free to contact me.


After Care Instructions (click here for a printable copy)

General Instructions for All Permanent Cosmetic Applications




  • Lightly blot blood serum build-up with a damp cotton swab for the first and second day.  Scabbing and quick healing is not a goal.
  • Wash lightly with a small amount of antibacterial soap (Dial Gold) and water.  Pat dry the night of the procedure.
  • Apply a thin film of ointment given to you by your technician twice daily; morning and evening, for 7 days.  Grapeseed oil may also be used.
  • Apply ice in a baggy or a bag of peas for 10 minute intervals if swelling occurs.
  • If dryness persists after 10 days apply a thin veil of grapeseed oil or squalene.




  • Excessive water, no swimming, face away from the shower head.
  • Exercise, sweat, over exposure to the sun, beach, outdoor activities will hinder the results.  Sweat has salt and acts as a peeling agent therefore removing pigment.
  • Do not pick the area if scabs form, you will pull out the pigment.
  • No tanning, no Retinols or anti-aging creams for 30 days prior or 30 days after procedure.
  • Do not use mascara for 5 days after eyeliner procedure. When starting back up, use a new tube.  Mascara harbors a lot of bacteria.
  • Do not wear contact lenses for 24 hours post procedure.  Do not wear contacts during the eyeliner procedure, bring your glasses to drive home, if needed.



After your procedure you will be swollen.  Some clients will swell minimally and some clients will swell more.  This may cause the area to look uneven and appear darker during oxidation period. The skin will shrink back to normal and pigment will lighten over the next few days.  You may have 30-50% loss.


Healing varies and some people scab while others do not.  It is best to avoid scabbing as much as possible.  If you do see areas peeling off (do not pick).  It may appear very light as though no color is left underneath, just wait, it will come back up to the surface of the skin in a few days.



A touch up will be included for best result within 30-60 days.  Refreshers will be need for eyebrows, between 1 year and 18 months from original procedure date.  This is to maintain a nice crisp color and shape.



  1. Allow lips to dry heal for the first few days.  Start applying ointment after 3-4 days once healing layer has peeled off on its own.
  2. Lips include drinking through a straw for the first few days.
  3. Caution when using whitening toothpastes as they will lighten the pigment color.
  4. Try to avoid citrus drinks and hot spicy foods as they may irritate and lighten the pigment.